Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Oil 200ml

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  • Vitalizing body gel oil for healthy glowing skin.
  • 100% pure cocoa and replenishing oils
  • Promotes a natural glow & improves skin’s appearance.
  • Helps revitalize dry and dull-looking skin
  • Gel and non-greasy texture with fast absorption
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Vaseline Body Gel Oil is a vitalizing body oil that grants you healthy glowing skin. It is rich in pure cocoa butter which creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying. It also has replenishing oils that offers good moisturization for the skin. Moreover, Vaseline Body Gel Oil revives dry and dull-looking skin for a visibly healthy glow.

In addition, it locks in moisture to promote a smooth, natural glow. With a soft, cocoa fragrance, this body oil is the ideal moisturizer for relieving everyday dryness, as well as soothing irritation.


  • Vitalizing body gel oil for healthy glowing skin.
  • Made with 100% pure cocoa, this gel oil for body promotes a natural glow.
  • Helps revitalize dull-looking skin and improve skin’s appearance.
  • Absorbs quickly for a non-greasy feel.


Apply a few drops and rub them into your skin from head to toe, focusing on especially dry areas. For best results, use it while the skin is still damp from a shower or bath. Repeat throughout the day whenever required.

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