Dr.Organic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Anti-Aging Stem Cell System 30ml

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Skin aging care

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An advanced anti-aging serum, that optimises the skins natural cell regenerating and anti-ageing process.
The natural properties of this rejuvenating oil, work in harmony with our proprietary blend of natural and organic actives.
It provides a non-greasy facial treatment that instantly moisturises, to stabilise skin hydration levels whilst the natural age delaying phospholipids and ceramics penetrate the surface of the epidermis, leaving the skin feeling younger, smoother and softer, optimising cellular renewal and restoring skins elasticity and firmness.

Rich in EFA’s. Formulated using biologic agriculture certified & natural extracts.

Clinically proved to rejuvenate the skin by 6 years in 4 weeks.

After cleansing, apply/dab gently 1-2 drops (more if you need) on the skin around the eyes, in face and on neck. Avoid rubbing och stretching the skin.You can feel a tingling sensation, wich is a sign that the active ingredients working. Use in combination with Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Day or Night Cream.

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