Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream 55g

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Complete Facial Skin Protection & Rejuvenation

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Moisturize and more with the All-in-One Facial Cream with its combined effects of facial lotion, beauty essence, moisturizer and sun block. You’ll never run out of reason to be at your most beautiful.

  • Now Get the benefits of skin-whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing and UV protection in one product.
  • Let your skin be nourished and rejuvenated with Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Ubiquinone that serves as potent antioxidant properties.
  • Look Years younger with great moisturizing ingredients like Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hydrolyzed Elastin.
  • Protect With Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane and Sericin for UV protection.
  • Be young, radiant and fair with Horse Placental Protein an effective skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin-nourishing ingredient.
  • Improve your skin problems by controlling your skin allergies & inflammation with Glycyrrhizinate 2K.
  • Unique gel type texture will achieve a lighter and smoother consistency that is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Non-sticky and effective for all skin types.
  • Perfect Base, make up blends easily and smoothly to your skin, so you’ll get a shine free matte finish.

Active Ingredients:

  • HORSE & MARINE PLACENTAL PROTEIN: Placental Protein is a popular skin-whitening agent in Japan. Recognized as an exemplary ingredient that visibly whitens skin, removes wrinkles and fine lines, detoxifies the body and speeds up skin cell renewal. Horse Placental Protein is a more effective skin-whitening and skin-nourishing ingredient than Pig Placental protein. While, Marine Placental Protein is patented by Japan government as an effective ingredient in skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin renewal.
  • CO-Q10: A component that cells use to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance.
  • HYDRAULIZED COLLAGEN: It forms a film on the surface of the skin making it smoother and softer.
  • SERICIN: Creates a protective film on the skin to block pollution and harmful UV rays.

After washing face, lightly pat face dry leaving the skin still a bit damp. Scoop an ample amount of cream and massage all over your face and neck using an upward, circular motion.

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