Nutricap Shampoo Vitality & Beauty 200ml

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Nutricap Shampoo Vitality & Beauty is a protective shampoo.

Thanks to the fatty acids provided by wheat germ oil and vitamin E, paraben-free NUTRICAP shampoo helps to protect the hair.

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Nutricap Shampoo Vitality & Beauty suited for all types of hair, NUTRICAP Wheat Germ Oil Shampoo  combines the nourishing benefits of wheat germ oil and vitamin E with a very soft cleansing base.  A natural formula that provides shine and flexibility for hair beaming with vitality! Especially suitable for damaged hair or dryness-prone hair.
Nutricap Shampoo enriched with the oil of wheat germ. This shampoo will protect your hair and help to fight against external aggressions.
With vitamin E and provided by the wheat germ oil fatty acids, shampoo Nutricap will bring flexibility, volume and shine to your hair, especially after exposure to the sun.


How to use:
Apply Nutricap Shampoo Vitality & Beauty to wet hair, massage the scalp. Let stand 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Daily use will give you soft and shiny hair.

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