Talika Eye Quintessence 2 x 10ml

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Anti-aging care for the eye contour.

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The eye area is the first part of the face to show signs of ageing, but these changes are not unavoidable. It is possible to reduce their effect, and without having to resort to serious cosmetic surgery.

Talika, a specialist in eye-area treatment since 1948, has combined its 3 areas of expertise to develop the ultimate eye-contour treatment, Eye Quintessence :

  1. detailed understanding of natural light energy,
  2. knowledge of plants’ cosmetic properties,
  3. consideration of skin chronobiology,

Eye Quintessence eye-contour cream has been developed to make women’s lives easier. So that they no longer have to choose either serum or cream, protection or regeneration, anti-bag or anti-ageing, day or night application, immediate or long-term effect…
Comprising a protective day cream and a regenerating night serum that perfectly match the skin’s circadian day/night rhythm, it is exceptionally effective against all aspects of eye-contour skin ageing.
Just one dual-bottle to look after every aspect of your eyes, the epitome of Quintessence for eye-contour skincare.

After one application
  • eyes appear less tired: 75%
  • the eye area is hydrated: 100%

After 28 days

  • the eye area is smoothed: 86%
  • the eye area is firmer: 75%
  • wrinkles are less visible: 69%
  • eyelids are tauter: 79%
  • eyelids are smoother: 90%
  • dark circles have faded: 89%
  • puffiness is reduced: 92%
How to use it:
Apply all year round to a clean and dry eye area: apply the Day Cream every morning and the Night Serum every evening.


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