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Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser

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Lash Conditioning Cleanser features an oil-free formula that gently removes any mascara without causing dryness or irritation. Its non-greasy texture is easy on delicate eyelids with no need to rinse afterward.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes all eye make up and impurities
  • Hydrolized silk proteins build healthy stronger lashes with continued use
  • Soothes and refreshes the eye area with out irritation
  • Lashes feel soft and supple

Oil-free Lash Conditioning Cleanser removes traces of make-up from the eye area while being gentle on the lashes and the delicate eye contour area. The cornflower water works as a softening and astringent agent while silk proteins condition and strengthen the lash. The daily use of cornflower water is thought to visibly diminish fine lines and tone the skin around the eye.

Cornflower water: Soothing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties; helps with tired, itchy and puffy eyes.

Silk proteins: Conditions and strengthens the lashes, prevents breakage.


How to use it:
Soak a cotton pad with two pumps of the Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser, then massage gently onto eyelids and lashes. Do not rinse


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