Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Deep Cleansing Foam 180 ml

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  • Removes skin waste while keeping your face moisturized.
  • Removes makeup residue, dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Gets rid of dirt and skin waste.
  • Controls excessive sebum.
  • Maintains water and oil balance.
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Farmstay Collagen Cleansing Foam will blow away fine dust. It is a deep cleansing foam with marine collagen and 6 plant extracts that helps cleansing makeup residues and impurities in pores, forming a moisturizing layer that leaves skin moisturized and fresh without tightening after cleansing. Even on the no-makeup days, cleansing is essential. It also gently cleanses the fatigued skin from makeup and external irritation throughout the day. In addition, marine collagen active ingredient helps balance the skin after cleansing and moisturizes deep into the skin to maintain the water and oil balance of the skin.

Moreover, Farmstay Collagen Cleansing Foam helps to manage the dead skin cells, sebum, and deep into the pores, which are easily damaged by external irritation. It also helps create smooth and soft skin by managing old dead skin cells damaged by daily sebum and external irritants.

General benefits of Marin collagen:
Marine collagen is a type of collagen present in the sea and has the most similar structure to the skin. A marine collagen is an excellent natural ingredient to help reduce wrinkles because it has serine from amino acid four times higher than regular collagen.


Take a proper amount and rub it against wet hands to create rich foam, then gently massage your entire face. After that, rinse with lukewarm water.

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