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Enterogermina 2 billion/vial -20 vials x 5ml-

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Enterogermina, an oral probiotic supplement



Enterogermina® (bacillus clausii) is an oral suspension probiotic offered in single doses. It is made with Bacillus Clausii (2 billion spores), a rod-shaped, Gram-positive & spore-forming bacteria that lives in soil. It is a probiotic friendly bacteria with a symbiotic relationship with host organism.

When is Enterogermina recommnded?
-Diarrhea (acute & chronic)
-Infection in intestines
-Side effects of antibiotics
-Respiratory tract infection
-Bacterial Imbalance in body
-Anti-microbial agent
-Amoebic dysentery
-Virus-induced diarrhea

How does it work?
Enterogermina balances the bacterial flora in the intestine. Antibiotics usually kill Enterogerminaacteria including the friendly ones in the stomach that are essential for digestion & food absorption. Enterogermina is a probiotic bacteria that restores the balance of friendly bacteria in intestines, increase absorption of nutrients by the body and increase body’s ability to resist microbial attacks.

Enterogermina is available in both oral suspension and capsule form.
Made in Italy

For oral use. Do not inject. Shake before use, unscrew the top and take the contents orally. It can also be diluted with either water or milk.
Do not take it immediately after taking any antibiotics if you are taking antibiotics for any other condition. Just give a gap of around 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking antibiotic until you take Enterogermina.

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