Pileje Lactibiane Imedia 4 Orodispersible Sticks


Composed of 4 microbiotic strains dosed with 30 billions per stick that helps to quickly relieve symptoms of the GI tract.

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Lactibiane Imedia is composed of 4 microbiotic strains that helps to quickly relieve symptoms of diarrhea dosed at 30 billion per orodispersible stick:
> Bifidobacterium longum LA101,
> Lactobacillus helveticus LA102,
> Lactococcus lactis LA103,
> Streptococcus thermophilus LA104.
The orodispersible powder of the stick dissolves immediately in the mouth for a quick setting and without water.
The microbiotic strains of Lactibiane Imedia, selected by PiLeJe, are listed in the National Collection of Cultures of Microorganisms (CNCM).

1 orodispersible stick per day. Use without water.

Duration of the supplementation: 4 days.

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