Arkopharma Arkocaps Ginger 45 Capsules

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Aphrodisiac & Anti-Emetic Dietary Supplement
(Enhances sexual desire and prevents vomiting)

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The Arkocaps Ginger is a food supplement for people prone to motion sickness and lack of sexual desire.
Gingerols in this product confirm its aphrodisiac reputation. They have also shown a beneficial action towards fertility, by increasing the amount of sperm produced and improving the sperms’ mobility. Associated with Siberian ginseng, it reinforces its stimulating and energising activity. Ginger is also a good stomachic and is used for travel sickness. It helps improve digestion because it is a choleretic and a cholagogue, in other words it complements the secretion and the excretion of bile.


2 capsules in the morning and at midday during the meals with a large glass of water.

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