Arkopharma Cys-Control Cranberry Flavor -20 Sachets-

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Cystitis & Urinary Discomfort Dietary Supplement

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Arkopharma Cys-control is designed for persons suffering from cystitis & urinary discomfort, wishing to balance, enhance their urinary system, and prevent their recurrences.
Arkopharma Cys-control contains the active ingredient cranberry berry powder, Vaccinium macrocarpon, which is 100% of North American origin. The North American cranberry is the only species of cranberry with proven properties to treat acute urinary tract problems.
Each Cys-Control cystitis sachet provides 36mg of proanthocyanidins, potent antioxidant compounds from cranberry, that are thought to prevent the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls.


Take one sachet of Cys-Control in the morning and one in the evening diluted in a glass of water. For preventing cystitis and urinary tract infections, the maximum duration of treatment is 30 days without interruption.

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