Arkopharma Arkoroyal Bio Royal Jelly Orange/Honey Flavour 1000mg 10ml x 20 Ampoules

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Royal Jelly Dietary Supplement

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Arkopharma Bio Royal Jelly Orange/Honey Flavour 1000mg have been developed to strengthen the natural defenses of the child, the adolescent and the adult. The whole family can consume this product which helps to improve the immune system against winter aggressions . In winter the natural defenses are impaired, which is why Arkopharma has created Arko royal royal jelly 1000mg . This product consists of ampoules rich in royal jelly to combat the ailments of winter. These bacteria can be the result of a sore throat, irritated nasal mucous membranes or a runny nose. These ampoules revitalize the body to avoid these symptoms.


Each day, use 1 light bulb before breakfast. Pour the contents of the bulb into a glass of fruit juice (ie, 200ml). You can renew the cure several times a year in case of a change of season.

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