Vitry Nail Care Repair Matte Treatment 10ml

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Nail Repair – Matte finish
Free 2 pieces vitry nail care repair treatment -4ml- bottle (one Glossy & one Matte) with each 4 pieces

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Vitry Nail treatment is the ULTIMATE solution for problem nails. It’s special fortifying treatment will rejuvenate after only 2 weeks of regular use. Nails will become visibly healthier and stronger in days. Can be used under your normal nail varnish and helps to resist chipping too! Why pay for monthly expensive wraps & gels when VITRY will help you to grow your own nails.

If you have weak nails, or your nails constantly snag then VITRY is the solution. If your nails have been ruined by wraps and gels then VITRY will help restore to their natural condition

Protect cuticles with a geasy film, such as NOURISHING NAIL & CUTICLE OIL.

Direction of use :
Apply the NAIL REPAIR CARE on clean and varnish free nails.
Renew the application every 2 days while making sure to remove the previous products between each application with the VITRY SOFT NAIL VARNISH REMOVER. 

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