Vitarmonyl Aqualigne Fat Burner+Drainer 20 Sachets

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Vitarmonyl Aqua Ligne Fat Burner + Drainer sachets, helps to burn fat and day to drain water and toxins through the night guarana and orthosiphon.

Advantages featuring:
A Double Action: Burn fat: the day, the body will naturally tap into his reserved after a night’s young. It was at that time that the guarana intervenes to help burn fat reserved in order to eliminate excess weight.

Drain Water and Toxins At night, the body will eliminate accumulated toxins. It was at this moment that we must enable a deep drainage with the orthosiphon for désinfiltrer tissues.

Pour a bag. Add water. Stir, it’s ready! slimming Starter Program: 10 days take 2 sachets per day. Drink the day bag in the morning at breakfast and evening bag night after dinner Once you achieved, you can maintain your figure and stabilize your weight.

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