Vitarmonyl Aqualigne Fat Burner+Flat Belly 20 Sachets

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Helps burn fat and promote healthy digestion with guarana and lemon balm.
A dual action:

  • Burn fat: the day, the body will naturally draw on its reserves after a night of young. It is at this point that the guarana intervenes to help burn fat reserves to eliminate the extra pounds.
  • Keep a flat stomach: night, the digestive system will digest dinner. The balm helps digestion at that moment in order to reduce bloating and changes in waist circumference.

For those wishing to help burn fat and keep a flat stomach.

Loosen 2 bags day / night.
Pour packet into a glass. Add cold or hot water. Stir, it’s ready. slimness Starter Program: 10 days Take 2 sachets per day. . Drinking sachet daily in the morning for breakfast and bag night evening after dinner Once your goal is reached, you can maintain your figure and stabilize your weight with Aqualigne Flat stomach.

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