Uriage Tolederm Control Make-Up Removing Milky Gel 150ml

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  • It hydrates and cleanses the skin without stripping it.
  • It replenishes lipids and soothes the skin.
  • Improves the skin barrier and protects the skin from external aggressors.
  • Has 97% of ingredients of natural origin.
  • Suitable for allergic and intolerant skin.
  • Removes makeup and purifies skin.
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Uriage Tolederm Control Make-Up Removing Gel is a soft, cleansing milky gel that gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes. This new product was specially designed for the most sensitive skin, including intolerant skin with a history of allergies. The product soothes and relieves the skin in just one step. This formula is fragrance-free, contains 97% ingredients of natural origin and is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Moreover, Tolederm Make-Up Removing Gel is suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin, allergic skin, and intolerant skin. It helps to not only hydrate the skin but also restore the skin barrier. With regular use of this product, in the morning and/or evening, it leaves the skin clear, soft, and hydrated.


1. Removes make-up and cleanses:
Its ultra-gentle and moisturizing cleansing base eliminates all impurities from the face for soft skin.

2. Reduces feelings of discomfort:
Enriched with Uriage Thermal Water, Plant Squalane, and Algae Polyuronides, this milky gel reduces feelings of tightness and tingling. The skin receives immediate and long-lasting comfort.


Apply with a cotton pad, a washable cleansing pad, or your fingertips. Avoid rinsing with water. To finish, spray the skin with a fine mist of Uriage Thermal Water.

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