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Talika Lipicols Platinum

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Anti-wrinkles, anti-dark circles and anti-puffinness care

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Inspired by research on cellular chronobiology. At the heart of this revolutionary global treatment, Talika has identified a brand new key ingredient that multiplies eyelashes.
A highly-qualified, completely novel solution for four spectacular actions on the number, the length, the thickness and the pigmentation of lashes.

Scientific efficacy proven by clinical studies and a broad range of innovations confirmed by 8 separate patents.

For the 1st time ever, two serums work continuously, day and night, to improve the circadian rhythm of eyelashes. Two formulas designed without prostaglandin
or hormone by-products, made of 95,9% ingredients of natural origin for the day formula and 94,8% for the night formula, for a completely safe beauty regime.

Just like skin, the needs of bulbs change from day to night. By being the 1st to take those biological rhythms into account, Lipocils Platinium helps to optimize the beauty and strength of eyelashes, like never before.

It “awakens” “sleeping” eyelashes, producing a completely novel dimension to the look of the eyes: transformed lashes, in greater number, with a reinforced vitality. The end result is a spectacular increase in the volume, length and density of the fringe of lashes.

For not only longer but also fuller lashes:

► Adapting to the natural day/night rhythm of eyelashes > double bottle with 1 Protective Day Serum + 1 Night Serum regenerating and strengthening growth.

► Optimizing their life cycle > stimulating their growth phase + shortening their period of inactivity with Red Clover Blossom.

How to use:

In the morning, apply the day serum at the root with the foam tip and along the full length of the lashes with the brush. At night, apply the night serum at the root of the lashes.

2-month treatment to be renewed periodically

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