Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam 150ml

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  • Combats pimples and blackheads.
  •  Gentle pore deep cleansing.
  • Combats bacteria with active ingredient Montaline C40.
  • Helps to prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads.
  • For impure and acne-prone skin.
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Sebamed Cleansing Foam for impure and acne-prone skin helps effectively to combat skin impurities. It combats bacteria and helps to prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads, thanks to its active ingredient Montaline C40. In addition, it contains Panthenol that helps to regenerate irritated or inflamed skin and makes it soft and supple.

Sebamed Cleansing Foam with clear face skin care system helps to counteract the problems of impure, oily and ache-prone skin. It prevents and combats blackheads and pimples and restores the skin’s balance. Moreover, the pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle.

The Clear Face 4 steps program to combat pimples and blackheads:
• Cleansing: Cleansing Bar,, Antibacterial Cleansing Foam
• Deep Cleansing: Gentle Scrub, Facial Toner
• Care: Care Gel, Mattifying Cream
• Effective Relief: Anti-Pimple Gel, Anti-Pimple Cream

Directions for use:

Apply the cleansing foam every morning and evening by massaging it gently onto the skin, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid the eye area.

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