Natureactive Elusanes Phytofibre 60 capsules

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Laxatives : Fibers

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Natureactive Elusanes Phytofibre is a supplement based on natural Ispaghul to enhance intestinal transit and support the digestive system.

The skin or membrane of Ispaghul seed is high in fiber. They swell tremendously when contacted with a water environment and form a thick gel in our tract. This gel is, moreover, also used as mechanical appetite suppressant under some plans. It stimulates satiety and reduces appetite.

Phytofibre regulates intestinal transit (mechanical laxative). Moreover, the gel reduces the absorption of sugars and fats in the intestines during digestion thus can decrease absorption of cholesterol for a healthier cardiovascular system.


3 capsules daily in the morning. Take with a glass of water.

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