Green Made Probiolife 30 capsules

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Probiotics are living micro-organisms. The intestinal flora, the first barrier of the natural defences of the organism, ensure its numerous functions on the digestion and nutriments absorption and on the mechanism of the natural defences.

Green Made Probiolife is the most advanced synbiotics mixture, combining the most studied strains of probiotics at the highest doses for maximum health benefits.

Also contains zinc to improve the immune system and reduce diarrhea.

Each capsule contains 25 billion CFU to ensure complete restoration of normal flora balance.

can be advised in case of :
– dose of antibiotic which degrade the flora
– unsatisfactory dietary hygiene
– a disturbed transit
– intestinal disorders in general
– repeated stress
– travel abroad


Take 1 capsule daily with food. Capsules can be opened and sprinkled over any cool food or drink

Can be used starting age of 1 month.



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