Livinorm x 30 Capsules

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Livinorm contains Hepa DTX Complex, a combination of three components benficial for liver health and its regeneration capability,phosphatidylcholine, alpha lipoic acid and Sylimarin of milk thistle.

Extract of milk thistle (silymarin source) helps to normalize liver function and improves the detoxification potential.It supports regenerative potential cells and helps to protect the liver, which then retains its main functions and supports cleansing of the body. Moreover, it has the ability to activate the production of bile that promotes digestion.

Phosphatidylcholine is an essential nutrient for liver, it is the main building block of cell membranes. It is estimated that the cell membranes of human liver have an area of about 33 000 m 2. Phosphatidylcholine is a source of choline, which helps maintain a healthy liver function and also contributes to the normal metabolism of fat.

The product should be used by adults suffering from fatigue, or digestive problems, people with hectic lifestyles and people who are frequently exposed to stressful situations.  Is also suitable for those taking medication regularly, people often consuming alcohol and fatty food or living in a polluted environment.

2 capsules a day, after meals, with liquid.



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