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Dialevel® contains alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), an extract from cinnamon and organically bound chromium. Alpha-lipoic acid protects the tissues from damage from so-called oxidation stress, thus contributing to the prevention of the development of complications during diabetes, especially to diabetic neuropathy.
The cinnamon extract supports the uptake of glucose into the cells, helping to regulate the level of glucose and lipids in the blood stream. Chromium helps to improve the management of glucose and lipids and increase the effectiveness of standard anti-diabetic medication. In a normal condition, chromium is contained in an insufficient amount. This is why its use is suitable especially for people with glucose tolerance disorders and diabetics. It has been found that diabetics often have a decreased level of chromium in their blood.


    • For keeping blood sugar under control
    • Helps to regulate the level of blood sugar
    • Useful against pain, the feeling of anxiety and tingling in the lower limbs, which are a sign of diabetes complications
    • Helps increasing the effect of insulin and the cellular use of glucose
    • Contributes to lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood


Directions:  1 – 2 tablets a day, take with a sufficient amount of liquid

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