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Léro RHU Articulations 30 capsules

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Dietary supplement

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Capsules RHU laboratories Lero represent an original response to the treatment of joint discomfort by providing micronutrients that help maintain good joint mobility and strength.
EPA omega-3 from marine sources, integrates into the cell membranes and participates in joint comfort.
Fish oil capsules made ​​by the RHU of Lero naturally in this highly concentrated EPA fatty acid (60%).
B5 and B6 vitamins are involved in multiple metabolic reactions required to maintain the integrity of the collagen tissue.
Manganese and copper are needed for the manufacture of collagen in the cartilage.
Zinc, selenium and vitamin E work synergistically to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals that alter cells including cartilage.
Cure capsules RHU of Lero helps you support or naturally and permanently maintain the comfort and flexibility of your joints.

1-2 capsules per day. 3-6 months of treatment, renewable

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