Lancaster Sun Beauty Fast Tan Optimizer Satin Dry Oil SPF30 150ml

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  • Protects the skin from all types of sun rays.
  • Helps to achieve a faster, deeper and long-lasting tan.
  • Repairs signs of sun damage and reinforces the natural defenses against photo-aging.
  • Leaves the skin hydrated and illuminated.
  • Has a vegan formula and contains sun filters that respect the marine life
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Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Dry Oil SPF30 is a body sunscreen with all the benefits of an oil, but without the greasy feeling. It targets 100% of the sun spectrum and helps repair skin from sun-induced damage, now with a vegan, clean & ocean friendly formula. It leaves skin with a flawless satin finish and helps provides a fast, deep golden tan.

Moreover, Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Dry Oil is a high sun protection resistant to water, for face and body, respectful of the skin and oceans. This highly sensory sublimating oil offers a dry satin finish, for a golden “healthy glow” tan, even faster, even and lasting. It also has a unique consistency that ensures a quick and pleasant application. In addition to being water-resistant, the oily texture instantly melts into your skin providing both a nourishing and beautifying effect.


-The most advanced version of Full Light Technology protects, beyond UVA and UVB, against visible light including blue light and infrared.
-Sun Repair System composed of peptides helps to repair the damages linked to sun exposure and reinforces the resistance of the skin to photo-ageing.
-Of natural origin, the Tan Activator Complex stimulates the skin natural tanning process.


Shake well before use. Apply a generous amount before sun exposure on your whole body. Then, massage gently ensuring and even distribution and maximum absorption.

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