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IncaRose Pure Solutions ACEF Vitamins15 ml

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Perfecting Active Fluids

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Fluid Active Perfector Vitamins A + C + E + F IncaRose Pure Solutions is illuminating and revitalizing care .
This concentrated active fluid that is used with delicacy through its dropper bottle is not fat. This is an easy care to apply and quickly be absorbed .
With a formulation consisting of Vit
amin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin E that will help your skin delay the aging process of your skin and fight against the attack of free radicals. With 4 essential vitamins for your skin during the regular use of your care Fluid Active Perfector Vitamins A + C + E + F will make your skin elastic and hydrated . Your face becomes radiant and younger.


Apply the necessary quanitiy of fluid on perfectly cleansed face and neck and message delicatley. Tap the product with the tips of your fingers till totally absorbed. Repeat the operation even a few times a day. You can use it before your usual cream treatment to enhance effectiveness



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