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IncaRose Extra Pure Hyaluronic White Diamond Stick 4ml

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IncaRose Extra Pure Hyaluronic White Diamond Stick 4ml, Minty flavour for fresh sensation, sweet and fruity

Super-hydrating, smoothing, wrinkle filling Hyaluronic Acid for lips


Unique translucent techno stick for shiny and youthful lips. Its formula, with three different types of Hyaluronic Acid: in microspheres, with low molecular weight and with high molecular weight –instantly provides a triple filler, intense hydration and anti-ageing effect.


      * Hydrating action

      * Anti ageing effect

      * Wrinkle filling

      * Instant illuminating 




Apply the Hyaluronic Acid stick several times a day on his lips. ideal in the days when your lips are particularly dry or dull.


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