Forscar Scar Recovery Gel SPF30 20 ml

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  • Softens, flattens and fades old and new scars
  • Helps prevent development of abnormal scarring
  • Reduces redness of scars
  • Relives itching and discomfort feeling
  • Improves texture & overall appearance of scars
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Scar Recovery Gel SPF30 is a treatment for old and new scars. It is made with patented silicone technology and 5% antioxidant Squalane that helps flatten, soften and smooth scars by increasing hydration and temperature of stratum corneum.
It protects the scar from bacterial, chemical and physical invasion. This product also helps prevent bacteria-induced excessive collagen production in the scar tissue by sealing the scar from exposure to air. It allows skin to breathe while relieving itching and discomfort.

Scar Recovery Gel SPF30 works on both old and new scars, included Hypertrophic and Keloid scars resulting from surgeries, insect Bites, injuries, burns, C-section and acne scars.


-Forms a non-tacky, semi-occlusive, flexible and waterproof barrier with epidermis to protect the scar.
-Helps prevent the development of abnormal scars and improves the overall appearance scars.
-Provides high protection against discolorations and redness caused by sun
-Effective on scars on irregular areas such as the hands, elbows or hairy areas.


Apply a very thin layer evenly on a dry, clean and fully closed scar twice a day.
Let it completely dry before applying cosmetics, sunscreens or putting on clothing.
It can be used on children or people with sensitive skin.
Allow to remain on the skin for 24 hours for maximum effect.
Immediate results can be seen in 2-6 weeks. For best results, you should use the product minimum for 60-90 days.

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