Farmstay Peptide 9 Super Vitalizing Eye Cream 50 ml

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  • Eliminate puffiness around the eyes with this revitalizing eye cream.
  • Formulated with peptide complex to brighten skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines while firming the skin.
  • Smooths skin creases and maintains optimal skin moisture.
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Farmstay Peptide 9 Eye Cream has whitening and wrinkle improvement double-functional properties, with 9 peptide ingredients that provide elasticity to the eyes, offering special elasticity care. Also, this product is well-absorbed by the skin and has a fresh feel without stickiness. It provides moisturization and elasticity with smooth skin adhesion and creating firm skin.

In addition, it grants you nourishing and firm soft eyes, thanks to 9 peptide ingredients. It replenishes the moisture in the skin and keeps the moisture from flying away. whiles protecting and nourishing the skin barrier, helping to strengthen soft eye areas. For a bright and bright eyes, this eye care is essential for lively skin expression. It as well brightens the eyes and skin, helping you express yourself.

Moreover, Farmstay Peptide 9 Eye Cream give a younger-looking skin with eye wrinkle management. It helps to relieve damaged skin phenomena caused by moisture loss to the outside and blemishes from ultraviolet light, and fill moisture in the eyes and mouth.. It as well increases skin density as if turning time to be healthy, helping to create elastic skin.


Apply an appropriate amount and gently tap the skin around the eyes to absorb the cream. Use morning and evening.

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