ESI Erbaven Extended Release 30 tablets

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Dietary Supplement



This nutritional supplement with titrated dried plants extracts, ensures a restoring action at the microcirculation level.
It is recommended in case of venous insufficiency, cramps on ankles and calves, capillary fragility, leg pain and heaviness; situations caused by a wrong lifestyle, a poor diet, long periods of being standing upright and seated, worsening the circulation at the blood capillary and lymphatic levels.
The special formulation studied by ESI, uses a capsule with 4 tablets with an extended-release action, allowing a gradual and constant delivery of the product.
It gives the organism enough time (more then two hours) to assimilate and carry throughout the body, all the active principles, offering a long lasting action (Retard action).
Product clinically tested.

Gluten Free, milk derivatives Free, lactose Free, No added sugar, No added preservatives, No artificial coloring, No-OGM.

1 tablet daily.

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