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Doppelherz aktiv Active-Meno Soja-Isoflavones -30 Tablets-

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Menopause is the episode of a women’s life which signals physiological changes associated with typical symptoms. Active Meno from Doppelherz combines calcium with vitamins and soja isoflavones to help cover women’s specific nutritional needs around this period and to address certain menopause-associated symptoms such as hot flashes and minor mood changes. B-vitamins to support heart health and production of energy from food. Calcium and D3 for strong bones.

  • 500 mg calcium combined with 5 µg vitamin D3 for a more efficient calcium fixation in the bones and for breast health.
  • 50 mg soja isoflavones that were shown to help reduce hot flashes and minor mood changes.

Take 1 tablet daily at meal with sufficient liquid, unchewed. The tablets can be divided into two halves, if necessary.

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