Centrum Silver Adult 50+ Multivitamin With Lutein

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  • Multivitamin dietary supplement.
  • Specially formulated for adults above 50.
  • Helps support the changing health needs.
  • Provides the body with vitamins and minerals.
  • Contributes to good health and good fitness.
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Centrum Silver With Lutein supplements meet the essential nutritional needs of men and women over 50. These supplements helps provide the daily needed support for a healthy ageing body and specially for adults over 50. Centrum Silver With Lutein plays a crucial role in healthy body functions and physical wellness. It also includes a wide array of vitamins and minerals that each supports certain health benefits and targets specific parts or functions of the body.

Moreover, it protects eye health, supports vision and bone health, improves brain function, and promotes heart health and energy levels. Note that, its benefits are wide and can cover almost all body parts and functions. It is packed with key essential nutrients important in supporting your whole body and to help meet your nutritional needs.

-B vitamins to help promote heart health.
-Vitamins A, C, and E, and lutein to help support healthy eyes.
-Zinc and B vitamins to help support normal brain function.

Why Vitamins & Minerals?
Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for the proper function of our body. Scientific studies constantly substantiate the necessity of vitamins and minerals at adequate quantities. They help the metabolism, contributing to good health, reproduction, growth and maintenance of good fitness.
Why Take Multivitamins?
Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in our bodies, even in small amount, may lead sooner or later to health disorders. Multivitamin dietary supplements provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals that for different reasons we don’t get from our daily diet.


For adults above 50 years, take 1 tablet every day, preferably with food.

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