Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Brightening Corrector 15 ml

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  • Brightening pigmentation color
  • Protects against external aggressions
  • Moisturizes the skin and reduces dark spots
  • Smooths the skin while unifying the complexion
  • Enriched with fresh vitamin C
  • For sensitive skin
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Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Corrector is a care product with a skin-peel effect that helps reduce the intensity and size of existing dark spots. In addition, it prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots and restores complexion’s original radiance without attacking the skin. It also combines high concentrations of AHAs and BHAs with pure vitamin C that can grant hydration up to 8 hours.

Moreover, Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Corrector smooths and refines skin texture while protecting the skin from visible signs of premature ageing, thanks to antioxidant vitamin E. Thus, it is an excellent brightening pigmentation color that provides protection against external aggressions

Ingredients and benefits:

-High concentration in AHA that provides a peeling-like effect without damaging and drying the skin
-High concentration of essential vitamins, thus improving hydration and conferring protection against oxidative stress to prevent premature skin aging.
-Vitamin C that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also reduce the appearance of dark spots as well.


-First, press firmly with both thumbs until the canister is fully engaged to release vitamin C.
-Second, unscrew and remove the lid the till you release all the powder.
-Third, Screw on the dropper.
-Fourth and last, shake for 10 seconds to mix vitamin C properly.

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