Beesline Soft Beeswax 40 g


Beesline Soft Beeswax 40 g

moisturizes dry skin & lip for urgent hydration.

Results in healed & soothed skin.

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Beesline Soft Beeswax 40 g An all-natural & multi-purpose balm that provides super nourishing, antimicrobial & intense healing effects. Soft Beeswax is in a solid form making it easy for you to carry around & use whenever your skin, lips & hair tips call for urgent hydration.

BEESWAX (Cera Apis Mellifera) is a nutritious substance rich in vitamin A, beneficial to cell reconstruction and in specific fatty acids, compatible with skin lipids.

Beeswax acts as an emollient and humectant as well to regenerate and soften skin by drawing moisture to the surface and sealing it in.

NIGELLA SEED OIL (Nigella Sativa Seed Oil) is rich in essential fatty and amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. It is considered an excellent healer that soothes itching and also reduces inflammation and scaling of the skin.

Characteristics :

Prevents skin chafing & babies nappy rash, in addition to nourishing & hydrating dry hands, nails & cuticles. Also to tame unruly brows, flyaway hairs & as a beard balm for men.

Beesline Soft Beeswax Main Ingredients: 

Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Wheat Germ Oil, Soybean Oil, Vitamin E, Nigella Seed Oil, Carrot Extract, Beta Carotene & Vitamin E.

How to use:

Apply as often as necessary to dry & chapped zones anywhere on face, lips & even body.


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