Arkopharma Veinoflux Light and Toned Legs 30 Capsules

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Blood Circulation & Heavy Legs Dietary Supplement

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Arkopharma Veinoflux Light and Tonic Legs 30 Capsules is a food supplement which helps the blood circulation, the drainage and the elimination of water excess to help you to find tonic and light legs even in case of strong heat.
Specially formulated for the women wishing to keep light legs, it is ideal in case of prolonged standing and strong heat.
Indeed, Veinoflux contains extracts of grape, meadowsweet and ruscus to help to support the blood circulation and to contribute to decrease the sensation of heavy legs while facilitating the drainage of the body. Enriched in vitamin B, it helps to protect cells against oxidative stress, particularly at the level of the vascular walls.
So, you find light and comfortable legs day after day.


1 capsule a day, in the morning before the breakfast, with a large glass of water.
It is recommended to follow a program of 2 months at least.
Only for adults.

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