Arkopharma Acerola 1000 30 tablets

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Vitamin C supplement

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Arkopharma Acerola 1000 is a fresh red-fruits-tasted tablet, lightly acidulous, FREE from artificial vitamin C and containing by 1 000 mg of Acerola concentrated extract.
Acerola is a small cherry from Caribbean and Amazon, exceptionally rich in Vitamin C. Each tablet brings 120 mg of totally natural vitamin C, bio-available and meeting the daily needs of adults.
Natural vitamin C allows to find strength, energy and vitality, in case of passing drop of tonus, and it stimulates the body’s natural defences and stamina.
Tablets to crunch, red fruits taste.
Guaranteed free from artificial vitamin C.


Tablets to crunch and to suck, preferably in the morning.
Adult: 1 tablet per day.
Children (from 6): 1/2 a tablet per day.


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