Vitarmonyl Tonifying Ginseng 40 capsules


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Vitarmonyl Tonifying Ginseng is useful in case of tiredness, stress or overwork. Ginseng has a tonic and energizing action on the whole body. Moreover, it helps to promote physical and intellectual performance (memory and concentration). It is also resistance to fatigue.
Vitarmonyl Laboratories have selected a white ginseng extract Panax Meyer, which is a concentrated and titrated ginsenosides for better efficiency.

1 capsule of  provides 22.5 mg of ginseng extract including 18 mg of ginsenosides

Take 1 capsule of Vitarmonyl Tonifying Ginseng daily in the morning, swallowing with a glass of water. For 1 to 2 months, 1-2 times a year.

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