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Via 3J Express is a complete program that works effectively to get rid of excess of kilos in a record time of 3 days. It sculpts body and restores its energy with respect of its own biological rhythm. 3 days Express is based on a diet which is associated with dietary supplements of natural origin to preserve your well being, vitality and facilitate weight loss.
With Via 3J Express we can loose at least 2kg in 3 days in a safe and effective way and also keep the good results intact longer and longer.
It can be used by all adult people who are in good health and want to lose few kilos in a rapid way or who wish to clean their system in order to reach healthy body by our detoxification process that will make you feel lighter, have more energy and stronger body immune system.

Expected results after 3 days:

  • Weight loss: up to -1.9 kg
  • Decreased Waistline: -4.1 cm

How it works:

  • Cleans and protects liver by a fine selection of herbs such as dandelion, nettle and algue (spiruline).
  • Guarana helps burning fat and decreases cellulite by dissolving fat cells.
  • Fennel works on purifying the body of toxins and sediment
  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants that improve blood flow, increase metabolism and help to loose weight as well as generating urine and fat burning
  • La Sun goes Balflavinoad also improves the functions to get rid of fat
  • Vitamin C reduces the signs of fatigue, increases body energy and gives the body vigor and vitality
  • A group of herbs and dietary fibers that contribute in appetite suppressing and having a feeling of satiety.


How to use Via 3J Express:

  • A 3 day protocol that must be started by taking everyday 2 morning tablets during breakfast
  • Then 2 midday tablets during lunch as appetite suppresant and diuretic
  • Then 2 evening tablets during dinner as fat burning and purifying
  • Dilute every morning 1 sachet of drinkable solution in a glass of water to help detoxify your body



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