Uriage Make Up Removing Milk 250ml

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  • With a gentle cleansing base to remove all impurities.
  • It smooths, moisturizes and keeps the skin balanced.
  • Infused with organic Edelweiss extract.
  • Helps activate the skin’s defenses.
  • Cleanses and removes makeup.
  • Provides a feeling of comfort.
  • Creamy milk texture.
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Uriage Make-Up Removing Milk gently suitable for normal to dry skin, removes make-up and eliminates impurities. It also smooths, softens and moisturizes skin with 100% satisfaction.

Uriage Make-Up Removing Milk is a fluid with creamy texture that eliminates the skin’s impurities and leaves skin feeling pleasantly soft and comfortable.


-Removes makeup and cleanses:
The cleansing base is ultra-gentle and nourishing, eliminating all pollutants.

-Moistens and softens:
This washing milk, enriched with Uriage Thermal Water and organic Edelweiss extract, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.

-Improves the skin’s natural defenses:
Uriage’s new LN MODUL patent is based on the action of Uriage Thermal Water on Langerin (LN). Langerhans are glycoproteins that identify microorganisms in the body and initiate immunological responses. Uriage’s warm water increases langerin, allowing for excellent microbial surveillance. Uriage Thermal Water consequently improves this natural defense system and strengthens the immunological barrier.


Apply with a cotton pad, to the face, eyes and lips. No rinse required.

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