Thuasne Lombacross Activity Posture Correcting Reinforced Lumbar Belt

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  • Lumbar belt with posture correcting reinforced support
  • For non-specific low back pain (acute, subacute and chronic phases)
  • Additional adjustable dorsal support
  • Hand loop to make the product easier to put on
  • Adapts very well to the muscular morphology
      • Height 26 cm
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Thuasne Posture-Correcting Lumbar Belt is the perfect support for acute and sub-acute back complaints. Due to its semi-rigid ribs at the back of the body in combination with air-permeable and elastic fabric, it provides optimum wearing comfort. This belt adapts very well to the muscular morphology and is very comfortable. You can wear this belt all the time (at work, in sport, in everyday life…).

Moreover, this belt has posterior reinforcements with additional adjustable dorsal support and anatomical cut to free up the ribs.

Thuasne Posture-Correcting Lumbar Belt is helpful and beneficial in cases of:

  • Muscular and static insufficiencies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Irritation of the sacroiliac joint
  • Degenerative lesions
  • Prophylaxis after lumbar problems
  • Lumbago (intense activity, intense pain)
  • Operated spine

It contains 4 rigid lumbar ribs, additional lumbar straps, a hand loop to facilitate the grip when putting the belt in place. However, there are two heights of this belt 21 cm (for patients under 1m60) and 26 cm (for patients over 1m60).

Features and benefits:

  • Contention of the abdomen, increasing the intra-abdominal pressure
  • Relieves the lumbar area
  • Corrects hyperlordosis known as a “hollowback” or “swayback”
  • Stabilizes the back mechanically
  • Widens the intervertebral cavity
  • Harmoniously distributes the load on the vertebral disc and the two main supports of the spine
  • Provides an analgesic effect by thermoregulation

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