Thuasne Bandage Rotulien Patellar Bandage

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  • Combines comfort and support for the patella
  • Helps maintain the patella and reduce pain
  • Relieves in case of quadriceps tendinitis or patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Supports the knee cap and supports the patellar tendon
  • Used in anterior knee or patella pain cases
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Thuasne Patellar Bandage is used for for relieving pressure on the patella tendon. Besides, it combines comfort and support for the patella and stimulates proprioception by damping vibrations caused by the after-effects of patellar tendonitis and jumper’s knee. It also helps absorb and reduce vibrations in order to maintain joint mobility.

In addition, it enables localized pressure to be applied and vibration dampening to prevent the after-effects of patellar tendinitis or jumping knee. Thus, it relieves in case of quadriceps tendinitis or patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Thuasne Patellar Bandage is indicated in case of:

  • Pain in the front of the knee or patella
  • Mild patella instability
  • Patellar tendinitis: jumper’s knee and runner’s knee syndrome
  • Joint or ligament inflammation of the patella (joint or ligaments)


Single size: 26 – 50 cm

Incorporated silicone insert (reduction of vibrations and solicitation of the proprioceptive system).

Unique size allowing a perfect adaptation to the morphology of each athlete.


•First unfasten the tightening strap, then place the patellar bandage over the patellar tendon. Note that the patellar tendon must be positioned at the center of the silicone insert. Next, re-fasten the strap around the knee and make sure that the Thuasne logo is on the upper part of the bandage.

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