Swisscare HairGrow Activating Shampoo -200ml-

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Hair loss & dandruff treatment

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HAIRGROW Activating Shampoo is a new generation shampoo with Mimosa extract, Grape seed extract, Serenoa extract and Ginseng, providing strengthening and revitalising properties that reduces hair loss and stimulates the hair roots. Provides hair epithelial cell proliferation that is encouraged by the bioflavonoids and proanthocyanidin in the natural plant extracts. The micro circulation in the scalp is stimulated, which helps to strengthen undernourished, fragile and damaged hair. The shampoo restores the natural shine and thickens the hair for more volume. HAIRGROW Activating Shampoo stops hair loss, combats dandruff and promotes a natural shine with more volume.

Apply by lightly massaging into the wet hair and the scalp. Rinse well after shampooing. Can be frequently used thanks to a neutral pH.

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