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Suavipiel Aroma Citrus Essential Oils Sponge


Bath Sponge

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Essential oils are the pure essence of plants, the vital energy of nature. By means of aromatherapy, they give a great physical and mental well-being. They release negative emotions, ease muscle tensions and show a great sensation of cleanliness because they help the body to eliminate toxins. Each essential oil used by SUAVIPIEL will transmit to you the energy of nature and help you re-establish your balance and harmony.

The energy, vitality and beauty of the Mediterranean. The vigour of your mind and body, the breath of your skin. The joy of life. Immerse yourself in the orange and grapefruit essential oils of this sponge, smooth and fresh, and achieve an immediate invigorating and toning effect. Recover your own light. Aromatherapy. Hypoallergenic.

Apply some drops of gel on the sponge surface, pressing it continuously for some seconds until getting abundant foam.

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