Stérimar Nose Contour Anti-Irritation Cream -15ml-


Nose contour irritations

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Stérimar Nose Contour Irritations Soothing Cream quickly soothes, reduces the redness, protects and moisturises.
Recommended for cold or rhinitis, it quickly and durably relieves the irritated epidermis, reinforces the barrier function of skin and visibly reduces the redness.

  • Protected and hydrated, skin’s suppleness is restored.
  • Long-lasting hydration during 24 hours: clinically tested.
  • Dermatologically tested high-tolerance formulation.
  • Suitable for the whole family. Paraben free.

Apply a nut-sized quantity of cream in a fine layer to the irritated area. Gently massage into the skin several times a day.Repeat as required.
In the event of marked irritation or during the night for greater protection, apply a thick layer.

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