Stérimar Baby-Child Blocked Nose Spray -50ml-


Baby’s nose care

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Stérimar Blocked Nose hypertonic solution is specifically designed to cleanse and decongest the nose suffering from colds, sinusitis, rhinitis .
Enriched in Copper Manganese, this solution for Sea Water microdiffusion:

  • Provides natural relief from nasal congestion caused by colds, rhinitis and allergic rhinopharyngitis.
  • Helps to limit the risk of super-infection from the nasal cavity such as Pharyngitis, Sinusitis and Otitis.
  • Cleanses the nasal passages, helping to enhance the action of other medicated treatments.
  • 100% natural, no preservatives, rich in mineral salts.
  • Suitable for children & babies from 3 months
  • Very gentle spray – Safe nozzle