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Probiotic supplement

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Your digestive tract is naturally home to a variety of friendly bacteria. These bacteria help to keep your body healthy by neutralizing some of the toxic by products of digestion as well as preventing harmful bacteria and yeasts from setting up home within the intestines; often simply by not allowing them the space they need on the intestinal wall.
In addition, they synthesize Vitamins B and K, help stimulate the digestive process, aid the absorption of nutrients and maintain the body’s natural defenses.
The antibiotics we take do not discriminate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria that cause infection and disease and kill both types equally effectively.
Unfortunately ‘bad’ bacteria often return before ‘good’ bacteria have had a chance to recover, causing infection or illness.
Sona AfterBiotic is a probiotic supplement designed to restore the natural intestinal flora after a course of antibiotics, thus giving the ‘good’ bacteria a chance to grow faster, preventing the ‘bad’ bacteria from taking hold again.
Suitable for: Pregnancy, Lactation, Diabetic, Children aged 9+, Coeliac & Vegetarian. Not tested on animals.

Benefits :

  • Seven day course of high potency probiotics for use after a course of antibiotics preventing secondary infection and illness
  • 6 billion micro-organisms per capsule
  • Contains inulin

After your course of antibiotics, take TWO capsules daily for 3 days and then ONE capsule for each day thereafter. Take one hour after a meal when stomach acid is at its lowest. Do not consume with hot or acidic drinks. May be mixed with water, milk, yoghurt, etc.

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