Sebamed Baby Oil Massage 150 ml

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  • For extra mild care of delicate baby skin.
  • With natural oils for lipid balance.
  • Maintains moisture content of the skin.
  • Smooths dry skin noticeably.
  • With a high content of vitamin F.
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Sebamed Baby Oil Massage formulated for delicate skin to help make your newborn’s skin smooth and soft. It contains a high content of essential fatty acids in emollient soy oil that assures optimal skin tolerability and makes baby’s skin soft and supple without an oily film. In addition to high content of vitamin F that aids in moisturizing your skin and may help with dryness and irritations.

Moreover, Sebamed Baby Oil Massage may help relieve pain of colic, gas, illness and teething. It also helps smoothing the skin noticeably while maintaining the lipid balance and moisture content of the skin.

Note that the delicate skin of the newborn lacks the protective acid mantle, which is established during the first few months. It is formulated to consolidate the resistance of the baby’s skin. Moreover, relaxing massage promotes irreplaceable connection between parent and baby, while providing protection and moisture to the skin.


-Botanical oils smooth the skin
-Protects the skin from moisture loss
-Emollient Soya Oil with a high content of Vitamin F

Directions for use:

After cleansing thoroughly, massage the oil gently into the delicate baby skin. Enjoy the lovely moments while massaging your baby with refreshing delicate natural oils.

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