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Schaebens Peel-Off Mask -15ml-


Cleansing face Mask

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This fruity-scented Peel-Off mask is recommended for cleansing all types of skin. This mask provides thorough yet gentle cleansing.
Callused skin and sebum deposits, dirt and dead skin particles are gently removed by peeling the dried mask from the face.
Its pearl extract nourishes the skin with sea minerals. A special fruit complex with vitamins revitalises and refreshes the skin.
During application, it also stimulates blood circulation and supports both the cell renewal process and the skin’s natural functioning.

The result: noticeably purer skin. The skin is visibly refined and softer.

Tear or cut packet open with scissors. Apply evenly to a freshly cleansed face. Avoid skin around the eyes, mouth and lips.
Leave on for 15-20 minutes, than peel off the dried mask, starting at the forehead and sides of the face and pulling toward the centre.
Rinse off any residue with warm water. Use up to three times per week as needed.

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