Roge Cavailles Dermo U.H.T Ultra Rich Cleansing Cream 500ml

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  • Specially formulated for dry to very dry skin.
  • Ensures maximum protection that is respectful of the skin.
  • Formula contains only ingredients selected for their safety.
  • Physiologic pH. Hypoallergenic. Tested under dermatologic control.
  • Formulated with soap free, paraben free.

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Roge Cavailles Dermo U.H.T Ultra Rich Cleansing Cream is a cream of high tolerance specifically formulated for the hygiene of the dry to very dry skins of adults and children.

Developed in close collaboration with dermatologists to propose a formula that respects the skin barrier . It is a cleansing treatment that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin in order to fight against the dryness of the skin. It melts on the skin and helps to protect effectively from cutaneous dryness.

Its unctuous texture and its gentle fragrance provide you a sensation of comfort and well-being.

Main Ingredients :

Roge Cavailles Dermo U.H.T Ultra Rich Cleansing Cream contains only selected ingredients for their innocuousness, also cleansing actives selected for their softness.

-A vegetable washing base chosen for its softness .
-It contains a Dermo UHT complex associated with Illipé butter , rich in natural fatty acids.
-Its creamy texture and delicate smell gives you a feeling of comfort and immediate well being .

How to use :

Apply the cleansing cream on your skin previously damp then rinse gently. Dry your skin without rubbing to avoid to irritate it.

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