Resultime Micro-Collagen 5 Expertise Eye Cream 15ml

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  • Anti-ageing eye cream . All skin types
  • Unique anti-ageing Eye Cream combines Vectorised Micro-Collagen* with specific active ingredients.
  • Target the 5 mechanisms of ageing.
  • Your skin appears smoother and more luminous.
  • Dark circles and puffiness seem diminished.

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Resultime Micro-Collagen 5 Expertise Eye Cream is a unique anti-ageing eye contour to target 5 ageing mechanisms around the eye: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, fat cords, sagging.

Your face is marked by dark circles under the eyes and it betrays your fatigue. But while it is true that lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and tobacco use are obvious causes. Dark circles can also be hereditary and permanent. In all cases, the responsible for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is the same: it is the blood micro-circulation.

This anti-aging eye contour is for all skin types , from 30 years old; for women looking for care that simultaneously targets all peri-ocular issues

It combines the patented Micro Collagen Vector for its regenerating effect, firming active ingredients to help fight against the loss of skin elasticity. Also a duo of micro-draining active ingredients to fade the signs of fatigue.

Resultime Micro-Collagen 5 Expertise Eye Cream contains micro-collagen vectorized properties

Results in regenerating and firming that helps fight against loss of skin elasticity .
Hence, day after day the features of your eyes are smooth, fine lines are filling, the skin is plumping.

How to use :

Apply morning and evening on the contour of the eye. Do not put in the eye.

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