Puressentiel Anti Lice Organic Daily Shampoo 200 ml

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  • Sanitizes the hair scalp and helps remove dead lice and nits.
  • Contains organic essential oils.
  • Suitable for the whole family, with a daily use for a natural hygiene.
  • Ideal for removing impurities and irritation from the scalp.


Puressentiel Anti-Lice Organic Daily Shampoo is a daily shampoo with essential oils that offers a repellent and protective action, and helps cleanse the scalp and helps take off dead nits and dead lice. It is formulated with organic, pure and natural essential oils for easier detangling and removal of dead nits and lice. Moreover, Puressentiel Anti-Lice Shampoo is a certified organic natural shampoo with a refreshing smell hat you can use frequently, and it does not dry out the hair.


1. Cleanses the scalp

One of the main advantages of this shampoo is its sanitizing power. Thanks to its organic essential oils of lavender, lavandin, ylang-ylang and geranium, it acts deeply to purify your scalp. These essential oils with their antiseptic and soothing properties, are ideal for removing impurities and irritation from the scalp . By using it regularly, you help maintain a healthy environment for your hair.

2.Removes dead nits and lice

This shampoo is specially formulated to gently remove nits and dead lice. Lice and nits are known to cling tightly to hair, making them difficult to remove. This shampoo acts as a valuable ally in this process, weakening the attachments of nits and dead lice, thus facilitating their elimination during combing.

3.Provides protection and natural hygiene for the whole family

This shampoo is suitable for the whole family, from the age of 3. It is a versatile solution to ensure natural hair hygiene for everyone in your household. Thanks to its gentle and natural formula, it offers effective protection against lice while caring for your hair and scalp.


Pour a little of this shampoo on your wet hair then lather it. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use this shampoo to treat lice in a child under 3 years old.

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